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The EFQM Excellence Model is the most widely used organizational framework in Europe, and the basis for the majority of national and regional Quality Awards.

EFQM's Committed to Excellence is an assessment and recognition scheme that helps  Olympia Electronics  introduce an excellence initiative into organization and deliver improved results.

It is an action-based learning project that entails identifying, prioritizing and implementing improvement projects using the EFQM Excellence Model and RADAR logic.

Olympia Electronics two times 2005 and 2011 has been awarded the EFQM's Committed to Excellence award. The Award has been achieved as a direct result of the work done on the company’s processes and procedures, which have been carefully scrutinized by EFQM assessors on site, as well as interviews with in-house staff, business managers and assessors.

Company’s  Journey to higher levels of EFQM standards is presented.

Commited to Excellence
Commited to Excellence