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  • BS-814
    Electronic Programmable Room Thermostat for heating elements, with battery.
  • BS-304
    Analog gas detection panel 4 zones
  • BS-1642/MAR
    12 zones
Central Battery Systems "CBS"

About CBS

1) Better Energy efficiency compare to autonomous luminaries

2) Low maintenance cost .The batteries in CBS systems are integrated in the main panels compare to autonomous self contained luminaries. This saves a lot of time considering that if you have the general inspection of all autonomous luminaries takes a lot of time compare to inspect only the batteries of one main panel . Also it has lower cost to change the batteries of the panel than change the batteries of all luminaries.

3) Better inspection. With CBS panels it is able to inspect the function of all luminaries from the main panel. If a luminary gives fault there is a notification in main panel when the panel runs it’s scheduled check.

4) The cost of the CBS luminaries is comparable to autonomous luminaries. With CBS systems you have long-term money saving because of all the previous reasons regarding the autonomous luminaries.

MicroCONTROL Panel
Total power rating 500W/1h or 200w/3h
MiniCONTROL Panel.
Total power rating 1500W/1h or 600W/3h
MidiCONTROL control
Total power rating up to 5300W/1h or 2300W/3h

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