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  • GR-272
    Non maintained Spot Light Emergency luminaire with 1 white Power LED
  • GR-270
    Non maintained Spot Light Emergency luminaire with 1 white Power LED
  • GR-1107/60V/B-973/HT
    Programmable LED Luminaire Converter

   The awards ceremony «Growth Awards» organized by Eurobank EFG and Grant Thornton was held on Thursday, December 1, 2016 at Athens Concert Hall. Growth Awards is a new joint initiative of Eurobank and Grant Thornton. It aspires to become the leading means of recognizing business excellence and support of healthy, competitive, outward-looking and dynamic businesses.



The event highlighted and honored Greek enterprises not giving up during economical crisis, but instead they dared, struggled and continue to give the battle of international competition. The inspirators of the initiative - President of the Board of Eurobank, Mr. Nicholas Karamouzis and CEO of Grant Thornton, Mrs. Vasilis Kazas- briefly mentioned the philosophy of the initiative, explained the competition procedure and presented the list of 20 companies that have reached the final evaluation stage of a total sample of 8,000 companies. Olympia Electronics S.A was one of these 20 companies, which received an honorary commendation for its contribution that since 1979 produces electronic Safety and Security systems and exports to 72 countries worldwide with continuous increasing trend.




The prizes were awarded in six companies that were distinguished per category, while the special award "Business Excellence" was awarded to the company AEGEAN AIRLINES SA AIRLINE (Aegean Airlines) for the overall performance and the significant contribution to country’s economic growth. The event was addressed by Deputy Prime Minister Mr. John Dragasakis and President of “Nea Dimokratia”  party Mr. Kyriakos Mitsotakis. Olympia Electronics S.A. was represented by its President, Mr. Dimitrios Lakasas, who is optimistic that next time Olympia Electronics S.A will be among the seven finalists.