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Certification of Lloyd’s Register for fire alarm Marine Type Approval procucts by Olympia Electronics S.A.

     OLYMPIA ELECTRONICS A.E. has recently acquired certifications for the products BS-1646/MAR, BS-1642/MAR, BS-1638/MAR, BS-660/MAR, BS-531/1/MAR, BS-531/1/WP/MAR by the register of shipping Lloyd’s Register, member of the International  register of shipping union. The certified products are the LCD dispaly panels (BS-1646/MAR, BS-1642/MAR, BS-1638/MAR), the heat of rise detector , the fire alarm siren with beacon, the addressable waterproof input- output unit and the addressable shortcircuit isolator. All of the above certified products are suitable for fire alarm systems that can initially supply the Greek ships and then and  ships of abroad, having as their competitive advantages the excellent quality and usability.


     These certifications confirm that there are systems and procedures followed by the company to ensure that its activities satisfy specific measured quality parameters and that the company will continue to satisfy them and in the future.

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